If one way is better than another, you can be sure it's nature's way - Aristotle


For thousands of years mankind simply lived and existed as part of nature. Well being was naturally achieved through nutrition, pure water, rest, exercise, sunshine, healthy amounts of stress and emotional wellbeing.

Today’s society dictates that we live in a sea of electromagnetic pollution, have unavoidably high exposure to chemicals, lack sunshine and exercise and eat highly processed foods as well as often consuming larger portions than the body actually requires. In short, most people have too much of what they shouldn't in their bodies and not enough of what they should.

People are becoming increasingly aware of the link between nutrition and well being, and making small simple changes to diet and lifestyle can often produce very positive results.

If you are suffering from an illness, just feeling tired and generally below par or have a specific health or fitness goal, LivePure of Crowborough East Sussex offers personalised naturopathic nutritional support and advice to help you rediscover that feeling of greatness, just as nature intended.

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What is Naturopathic Nutrition?

Michele Nowell of LivePure promotes Naturopathy (or Nature Cure) which is underpinned by a fundamental principle – the healing power of nature.

A naturopathic nutritionist will seek to identify and treat the underlying cause of the health issue, focus on treating the whole person realising the mind and body are interconnected, has a passionate belief that prevention is the best cure and will suggest manageable strategies and solutions to establish health and wellness.

LivePure practice naturopathic nutrition in Crowborough and surrounding areas.

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LivePure offers personalised naturopathic nutritional advice covering Crowborough and the surrounding areas including Groombridge, Rotherfield, Buxted, Mayfield, Uckfield, Maresfield, Hartfield, Forest Row, Heathfield, Wadhurst, Robertsbridge and Royal Tunbridge Wells.